Archives for June 2015

Campus carry soon to be reality

Governor Greg Abbott signed two bills June 13, the first allowing licensed holders to openly carry their firearms in most public places and the second, Senate Bill 11, allowing licensed holders to carry concealed handguns on public college campuses. In an email, University President Jesse Rogers … [Read more...]

Guest column: Adopt a dog, save a life

For some college students, the thought of taking on a pet never crosses their mind amid the chaos of work, school and play. But for many people like myself, a dog is the perfect companion. My experiences with dog ownership have taught me one thing – when it comes to getting a dog, adopt, don't … [Read more...]

Regents update election, amendment by-laws

At their June 1 meeting, members of the Board of Regents unanimously approved two revisions to the board's bylaws, according to Debbie Barrow, director of board and government relations. The first revision is to article 15, section two, and concerns future changes to by-laws. This revision … [Read more...]