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Seniors deal with excitement, anxiety over graduating

"There's 77 days until graduation," said Chanez Symister, biology senior. "Not that I'm counting or anything. But, yeah, I'm excited." Symister has a countdown on her phone set to the exact date and time of this December's graduation ceremony. While other soon-to-be graduates may not be as … [Read more...]

Academic workshop helps students decide career

Deciding what to study in college and then making a career out of it can be challenging, to say the least. During this time there can be influences that cause students to lean towards a certain major, even if it doesn't lead to their dream job. At a Counseling Center academic workshop held Sept. … [Read more...]

Willie’s Place gives wacky twist to classics

Attention burger lovers of MWSU, I have found the king of all burger joints in town. Willie's Place serves wacky burgers, but they always nail the basics: a perfectly grilled patty on a nicely toasted bun. The small restaurant has a down-home southern feel. When I walked in, it seemed as if I … [Read more...]

Freshman leads women’s soccer team in undefeated season

Starting forward on the women's soccer team Destinee Williamson, criminal justice freshman, is a major factor in the team's undefeated 5-0-4 start to the season, and it's only her first year on the team. The team has only made an undefeated start one other time in its history, and Williamson has … [Read more...]

Enrollment ‘essentially flat’ for second year

Enrollment numbers were made official on the 20th class day and Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, said he is hopeful about the university’s enrollment outlook. “We are up for the first time in many years for students,” Lamb said. Enrollment, technically … [Read more...]

Some Caribfest proceeds benefit two local groups

CaribFest brings Wichita Falls alive with a dazzling fusion of colors, fast beat soca music, uniquely hand-made costumes and creative art with the infectious tropical rhythmic sounds. The festival also provides an opportunity for participants to raise money to benefit two local groups. Rhea … [Read more...]

Athletics director: Division II athletes play for love of sport

Many pro football players make millions, shirk their family responsibilities or worse, are catered to by our society, then traverse the legal system leaving this country to speculate who will be in jail and when they may make it on the field of your favorite team. Many Division I football players … [Read more...]

What to do during traffic stop

What to do during a traffic stop from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Flashing lights, sirens. If you’ve ever taken a ride in a car, you’ve probably been in a scenario like this before. But what are you supposed to do when you see those familiar red lights in your rear-view mirror? Geordan Martinez a … [Read more...]

English professor gives banned-book talk to more than 70

Near the rare book collection in the Moffett library more than 70 people attended a lecture Thursday Sept. 25 presented by Todd Giles, assistant professor of English, titled "Books are better for banning and burning than page turning." Giles said he only expected 20 to 30 people to attend. … [Read more...]

Rogers’s last festival as university president Among the thousands of fans attending the football game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington was one official attending his last festival game in official capacity. Jesse Rogers seemed pleased with the 42 to 17 victory of the Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds on Sept. … [Read more...]