Archives for October 1, 2013

The Grove offers alternate housing for residents

For the fall 2013 semester, the university had the largest freshman class since 1991, so an alternate housing program was needed to accommodate the overflow of new students. The programs stirred false fears that university officials were taking a large financial loss by housing students in an … [Read more...]

About 50 students attend movie, discussion on classified information

To facilitate discussion of the controversy surrounding Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information, the Prof Edwards Night at the Movies series began last night with “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.” The movie tells the story of a former Pentagon … [Read more...]

‘Technical difficulties’ plague bookstore opening

It wasn’t exactly the welcome new students or the new management of the campus bookstore wanted. Long lines, books not in stock and frustrated faculty members were just the start. “I'm not going to lie, I knew there was going to be things that fell through the cracks from us going from Barnes and … [Read more...]

Social work group holds diaper drive

Hope Connection, a campus social work organization, is on a mission to help struggling mothers provide diapers for their children by holding a diaper drive until Oct. 12, and they are seeking student help. “I got the idea because I observed mothers who were desperate and social workers who were … [Read more...]

Students react to federal government shut down

The government officially shut down Oct.1 after House Republicans and Senate Democrats could not reach an agreement on funding for the Affordable Care Act and other government funds, sending 800,000 workers home until lawmakers can come to a decision. “The House of Representatives are solely to … [Read more...]

33 new faculty join campus

33 new faculty join campus from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. This semester a near-record number of new students began their college careers. However, there is another group of new Mustangs on campus that you might not have noticed. There are 33 new faculty members across all six of the … [Read more...]

Government: imposed chaos on society

COMMENTARY By Edgar Shockley Government, as I see it, is chaos imposed on society. Government, in conjunction with media and those segments of society that benefit from its continued presence, works to divide, control, suppress and rule us. The recent government shutdown is a perfect example of … [Read more...]

Enrollment Makes Masters Possible for Graduate Students

Criminal Justice Graduate Program Now Available for Students from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. The criminal justice department may be reaping some big benefits as administration works to increase enrollment around campus. The lack of students enrolling on campus is a big problem. One way to … [Read more...]

Dr. Drew brings more than 400 to Akin Auditorium

Television and radio personality Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, attracted more than 400 attendees in Akin Auditorium on Sept. 26 during his presentation about addictive behaviors on college campuses and relationship advice for the first event of the Artist-Lecture Series. “I like talking … [Read more...]

Record number of countries now represented on campus

A record number of countries are being represented on campus this semester. Four hundred and fifty three students make up the university's international student population, approximately 7.8 percent of the total population, according to International Immigration Specialist Elizabeth … [Read more...]