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Fantasy of Lights opens

  The 38th annual MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights opened at 6 p.m. Dec. 7. The festival will run through Jan. 1. Tonight, the MSU band will perform a concert. Saturday, according to Randy Canivel, event organizer, kids will be able to attend a storybook reading at 2 p.m. For a complete … [Read more...]

Christmas presents for everyone on your list

It’s something that most people dread - holiday shopping is finally here. With so many people on your list and various personalities to buy for, it can make for long, stressful errands. Luckily there are a few stores that can condense your list of places and, therefore, make holiday shopping more … [Read more...]

Lamar’s debut album tops year-end list

10. SpaceGhostPurrp: Mysterious Phonk: The  Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp SpaceGhostPurrp took his lo-fi, haze-filled hip-hop reminiscent of 90’s groups like Three 6 Mafia to a new level this year, releasing Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp on the London-based 4AD Records … [Read more...]

A run-down with Keidrick Jackson

The football team has seen their fair share of great running backs. However, it’s not every day that MSU, or any collegiate team for that matter, has a running back whose season is so special that he takes over the record books. But that’s exactly what junior running back Keidrick Jackson did … [Read more...]

Basketball concussions on the rise

Samantha Forester Staff Writer Basketball is a constantly evolving contact sport. Concussions in basketball put players at high risk for short and long-term head trauma effects. “There is a greater risk once you have had one concussion,” university physician, Keith Williamson said. “Look at … [Read more...]

Volleyball injuries hinder season

Skye Hera Staff Writer The volleyball team struggled this season with seven out of 14 eligible players injured at one point or another, leaving the team with an overall average of seven wins and 23 losses among other things like mental and physical pain. Head coach Vanera Flores-Stafford … [Read more...]

Reassessing final exams

Sarah Muschiol  Staff writer It shouts from every corner on campus. It haunts students like a nightmare and keeps them from sleeping, before they have even begun – finals. They keep coming back every semester like sticky gum under your shoe, you know it’s there anywhere you make a step, but … [Read more...]

‘Text to Hillary:’ Run for president in 2016

Political junkies are scratching their heads trying to figure out what Hillary Clinton will do when she steps down as President Obama’s secretary of state. While New York City major Michael Bloomberg has stated how he would love for Hillary, a former New York senator, to consider taking his job … [Read more...]

Are teacher evaluations effective?

Evaluations are a great way for students to contribute in the success of this institution. Each semester the university basically asks students, “How are we doing?” This is a perfect opportunity for individuals to speak what is on their minds, yet students are seriously lacking in participation. … [Read more...]

Texas petition to secede rises to 117,934 signatures

Texas attempted to secede from the United States in 1869 but lost to the Supreme Court decision of Texas v. White. Now, 143 years later, Texas is attempting again with an online petition. “There is a misnomer that the original treaty with the United States would allow Texas to secede, but this … [Read more...]