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Campus traditions continue with Family Day

By Cristina Martinez On any given weekend the quad that sits between Martin Hall and the Hardin Administration Building is so quiet that the water in Bolin Fountain can easily be heard splashing. This Saturday, Sept. 29 the scene will be entirely different when 1,400 students and their family … [Read more...]

Twitter madness

Controversial twitter account condemned by Faculty Senate [Editor’s note: The names of some of the students in this story indicated with an asterisk (*) are fictitious in an effort to keep the sources anonymous at their request.] A new Twitter account, an outlet for students to voice their … [Read more...]

MSU to expand health sciences

At the August Board of Regents meeting, the Board agreed to filing a Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) to request funding for upcoming projects for the fiscal years of 2014 and 2015. One of the items being requested included funding $2.9 million to expand health sciences: nursing, … [Read more...]

Speaker Straus debates higher ed, Romney

In less than one hundred days, the Texas legislators will begin a new session in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, was invited by community leaders to speak at MSU where high education, water and the state budget were the main topics of … [Read more...]

Political activism on the rise

With November local, state and national elections fast-approaching, students have assembled on MSU’s campus to support their political parties. The College Republicans, MSU Democrats, and Students for Liberty (Libertarians) have each formed within the past year, making it possible for students to … [Read more...]

Dorm dwellers

In 2007, Wayne Schields was offered the position of assistant housing director. Then he had to explain to family and friends where his wife and him would live: a freshman, all male residence hall. According to Schields, when Housing Director Michael Mills approached him about applying for the … [Read more...]

Disability access lacking on campus

That tiny curb that you walk up every day, do you ever think about how difficult that is for a student with a disability? The accessibility for students with disabilities on campus is an issue that needs to be addressed and soon. Disabilities is not just a hearing aid or wheelchair. It is … [Read more...]

Students soak up political knowledge and opinions

  Students who have a Facebook account have probably noticed the recent trend that floods their newsfeed. No, I am not talking about the start of football season, or the posts full of lingering wishes for summertime. I’m not even referring to the overflow of back to school updates or the … [Read more...]

Enrollment continues to drop

The numbers are in and enrollment has dropped 4.3 percent since last spring, resulting in a $1 million loss in tuition. This problem is going to take a large toll on students if administrators do not get a grip and find out why students are choosing to go elsewhere. According President Jesse … [Read more...]

‘The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.’

By Orlando Flores Jr. and Rachel Bingham The iPhone 5 has finally made its debut. Apple reported two million phones were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours of release on Sept. 14. A week later, Apple released the phone to the masses, and more than 5 million were shipped and sold out. The … [Read more...]