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Student athletic fees pay for championship rings

MSU has spent $75,248 on championship rings for student athletes over the past five years, more than a quarter of it – $20,358 – coming from the student body at large. In most cases, donor money financed the purchases of rings for sports teams, but administrators dipped into athletic fees paid by … [Read more...]

Provost on the hunt for new two deans

Two of MSU’s six colleges will be deanless next fall. Dr. Rodney Cate, interim dean of the College of Science and Math, and Dr. Barbara Nemecek, dean of the Dillard College of Business, are stepping down. A national search to select permanent deans has already begun, according to Provost Dr. … [Read more...]

Dept. chair arrested on lewdness charges

Dr Adalberto Garcia, chair of the Foreign Languages department, is facing public lewdness charges after he was found engaging in sexual activity at Lucy Park Tuesday morning. “This is a personnel matter,” MSU president Dr. Jesse Rogers said. “However, Dr. Garcia has been placed on administrative … [Read more...]

Wedding mistake costs university over $11,000

A marital mishap at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art in 2010 cost the university more than $11,000 in donor funds. Instead of using the money to buy equipment or fund scholarships, MSU ended up paying to host a wedding. The foul-up, uncovered through state Open Records statutes, shows that … [Read more...]


Graduate assistant makes a name for himself as a powerlifting machine. By Ruth Fitzgerald Before the day is over, Chris Riley will have consumed two pounds of red meat and downed one chicken shake. “Yes, I make chicken shakes,” said Riley with a grin. The unappetizing beverage is the daily … [Read more...]

Don’t sweat it: waterproof makeup for summer

It happens every day in Texas. You apply your makeup perfectly, grab your things, step out the door and...sweat it all off. Ugh! It’s extremely frustrating, and some girls even give up and don’t wear it at all in those hot summer months.   SUN BLOCK A good sunblock should always be … [Read more...]

Damian’s Herald 05-02-12

With the final day of the season nearing, most teams are taking games seriously while others are a bit indifferent about their current situation. Chelsea took credit for the most impressive result of the weekend after defeating Queens Park Rangers 6-1 with three goals from Fernando Torres. Daniel … [Read more...]

Lady Mustangs fall to Incarnate Word

The end of the season came early for the Lady Mustangs who were eliminated from the Lone Star Conference Postseason semifinals by Incarnate Word Saturday. But before seeing its demise, Midwestern State saw a sensational 9-8 victory over Tarleton State University in the opening round of the … [Read more...]

Team Arrow, above the competition

By Mark Campbell There are reasons why “Team Arrow” cycling team has always been above the competition. It could be because MSU has a coach who was a former Junior National Champion who has worked with professional riders. It could be because MSU is located in a very pro-cycling community. It … [Read more...]

Team chemistry keeps MSU in form

By Mark Campbell Whether it’s a touchdown, a goal or a home run, Midwestern State is always one of the top Division-II schools in the nation. What makes MSU the 2nd most winningest team in the history of The Lone Star Conference? How can Midwestern State be an elite school every year, while … [Read more...]