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Local theatre causes woes

By Sarah Long With the re-release of Titanic approaching, it got me thinking; why does it seem like Carmike, the mall movie theater, always gets the good movies? Cinemark is newer, cleaner and an obvious choice for a comfortable watching experience. Yet time and time again this theater … [Read more...]

The desert is green

On March 11, U.S. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly murdered native civilians in Afghanistan. While many Afghanis have demanded blood justice for these killings, the United States government has opted to take a different route. Money. The U.S. plans to award families $50,000 per deceased … [Read more...]

In the running

While some seniors count down the days to graduation, Casey O’Donnell is leading campaign meetings and gathering registered voters. He’s running for Wichita Falls City Council. O’Donnell, a political science major, hopes to named the District 3 councilor seat on May 15. Elections being May … [Read more...]

Students hit with rising dining prices in the café

By Kassie Bruton The nationwide rise of food and gas prices has forced MSU to hike dining service rates. The decision was made in February by the Board of Regents. Meal plans will go up as well the cost of individual meals. “This next school year, food and beverage cost are expected to be … [Read more...]

Recycling dumpsters will save MSU funds

Story by Kyle Egan MSU has placed three recycling dumpsters on campus to encourage students and faculty members to become involved in conservation. The initiative will also save MSU $1,600 annually. Kyle Owen, associate vice president of Facilities and Services, and Dominique Calhoun, … [Read more...]

New police vehicles patrol university grounds

By Andre Gonzalez “Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you?” MSU campus police can use Inner Circle’s one hit as inspiration now that they have two new Ford F-150 squad pickup trucks to help in the fight against crime. The trucks were being sported … [Read more...]

Nursing dept. promotes healthy lifestyles with community fair

The MSU nursing department wants you to take care of your body. “Put prevention into practice” is the theme of the department’s 12th annual community health fair, which will be held April 13 at 9 a.m. Dr. Betty Bowles, assistant professor of nursing, has organized the event since its inception … [Read more...]

Student protests for HS coach

Landry Russell was nervous when he started to speak March 26. A board room full of people, at least one hundred of them, and they were all staring at him. “The room was really tense when I got up there,” the MSU junior said. But he settled down and started in on the business his hand. He … [Read more...]

Tennis coach enforces new edict

By Stefan Attanassov MSU Tennis Coach Scott Linn implemented an unusual policy for men’s and women’s teams: to friend him on Facebook. “Some people might think it’s a complete invasion of privacy,” said Rory De Boer of the men’s team. “Some people might think it’s outrageous, but I think he has … [Read more...]

The darker side of the doughnut world

Coins, blankets, watches and other knick-knacks become life-long treasures for many people. They keep, collect and protect whatever they hold dearest. Speech professor Sandra Grant has held onto an item that hits the sweet spot. Grant possesses a 28-year-old doughnut that dates back to the summer … [Read more...]