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Reporters: Andre Gonzales, Renee DuBois, Ashley Gourlay, Jesse Blume, Anastasia Reed Producer: Jaleesa Bealom Air Date: Nov. 21, 2011 … [Read more...]

States should set aside differences

Florida, Texas, Alaska and other opponents of the Affordable Care Act need to get with the program. The law, funneled through Congress by Obama’s administration, hinges on an individual health care mandate that would require all American citizens to purchase health insurance or be fined. But … [Read more...]

Mustangs break school record against NSU

By Josh Hoggard The Mustangs took a close one on Saturday to end the regular season undefeated for the first time in school history. Midwestern State played Northeastern State, and came from behind to score with 36 seconds left on the clock in a 37-34 victory. The Mustangs continued their … [Read more...]

MSU opens season with 100-63 victory

The Midwestern State basketball team opened its season with a 100-63 victory over the Evangels of Mid-American Christian University at D.L. Ligon Coliseum. Matt Gallagher led the competition with 19 points and also claimed three three-pointers to lead the double figures contest. JaMichael Rivers … [Read more...]

UFC-bound from Wichita Falls

Hunter Tucker, 25, is an up-and-coming mixed martial artist from Wichita Falls. He has a professional record of 2 wins, no losses and an amateur record of 7-1. I was a witness to his only loss at a King of the Cage show at the Kiowa Casino in 2008. He had been punishing his opponent for two … [Read more...]

Rituals vary but the game’s the same

By Skyler Warrick Noel Johnson, a former Lady Raider at Texas Tech University, performed the same ritual before every basketball game. She would pull up to the gym in her Mustang on game day. Her cassette player blasted Warren G. featuring Nate Dogg’s song Regulate. Wearing her lucky tights, … [Read more...]

Christmas presents for every girl

Christmas is just around the corner, and shelves are filling up with holiday merchandise. Stockings will soon be overflowing with goodies from various “Santa Clauses”, and perfectly wrapped presents will be picturesquely placed under the Christmas tree. But with all of the options out there, what … [Read more...]

Happy feet taps in for the second time

By Rooger Moore / MCT “Happy Feet Two” is to 2006’s “Happy Feet” what “Babe: Pig in the City” was to “Babe.” A clever and adorable original film remade with most of the charm wrung out of it. The conceit — that penguins each have their own special song which they use to woo members of the … [Read more...]

Sophomore rises to teaching assistant position

The geology department has hired one of the youngest teacher assistant, so young that sophomore Courtney Bartlett can’t legally drink. “Teaching is my main objective (after college),” Bartlett said. ‘I want to teach geology as a professor at a university.” Bartlett, from Seattle, ended up at … [Read more...]

MSU enrollment drops in DFW students

*These numbers reflect the enrollment statistics of students who live in Texas. The numbers for 2011 were not included in the graph because they were calculated using the figures for out-of state and foreign students, among others. According to documents obtained from the MSU admissions office, the … [Read more...]