2011 Bistro serves up ‘American classics with classical techniques’

The buffalo bacon chicken sandwich served with parmesan garlic fries.

The buffalo bacon chicken sandwich served with parmesan garlic fries.

Downtown Wichita Falls is home to a burgeoning restaurant culture catering to the lunch crowd, and a newcomer arrived on the scene this summer, the 2011 Bistro.

The bistro is a small restaurant that offers a select variety of flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches and salads, or as they put it, “American classics with classical techniques.”

My first impression of the eatery was unfortunately not pleasant. Due to the lack of ventilation, the dining area easily fills up with smoke from the grill. But even in the smoke-filled room, patrons of the bistro seemed to not notice the greasy haze as they were too busy enjoying the food.

I ordered the buffalo bacon chicken sandwich with parmesan garlic fries on the side. The chicken was breaded by hand and it was the perfect tenderness. Chef Demrick does a great job of keeping the chicken moist.

However, the total package of the sandwich ended up tasting a little bland. With bacon, red onions and pepper jack cheese for toppings, I expected more flavor. The sandwich was good, but I expected a little more punch from a place that puts avocado pico de gallo, slaw and chipotle aioli all on a pulled pork sandwich.

Luckily the parmesan and garlic fries made up for any flavor my chicken sandwich lacked. The fries had a soft inside and a perfectly crunchy outside, sprinkled with garlic and parmesan. If I weren’t so full I would have ordered a basket of these to-go for a snack later.

My total bill was $14 for the chicken sandwich and fries, a little bit pricey considering the fries were the best part of my meal.

Besides the menu staples of salads, sandwiches, burgers and flatbreads, Chef Demrick also serves specials such as braised short ribs with roasted garlic pomme puree, asparagus sauté and glacé de viande, reminding patrons that that 2011 Bistro isn’t a simple sandwich shop.

The dining area does not seat a lot of people, but a comfortable amount. A large group of 10-15 people would easily take up a big portion of the restaurant.

2011 Bistro has potential to become a great restaurant. All the employees seemed genuinely happy and their customer service was outstanding. If they take care of the smoke ventilation and work on the menu a bit, this place will likely prosper for some time.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a quick  quality lunch, or for someone who wants to go somewhere not filled with a bunch of people. Just be prepared to spray yourself down with cologne or perfume afterward if you don’t want to go back to class or the office smelling like a burger.

2011 BISTRo
612 7th St. WICHITA FALLS, TX 76301