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My first Homecoming Experience

Adaobi Ezeodum

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Adaobi Ezeodum

Adaobi Ezeodum

I came from a junior college in New York so I never had the opportunity to experience homecoming. In fact, prior to attending MSU, I never knew what homecoming was or what it meant. I heard it mentioned a few times in movies and newspapers, but that was about it.

That changed this past week as I was able to get a first-hand experience of homecoming and I must say that I had a very eventful weekend. From the bonfire walk on Thursday to the football game on Saturday, all the activities were able to put a smile on my face.

I also did not realize how big homecoming was, or rather, how important it was to the students. A large number of students showed up to the various activities that occurred over the past weekend. Various T-shirts were also made available to students. One of the highlights of homecoming to me was the bonfire. The performances by various student organizations were also fun to watch.

Another important event this past weekend was the football game. MSU beat Texas A&M-Commerce and it was considered a big win because we beat the number one team in the conference and the victory might take our football team to the playoffs. To celebrate their victory, they threw a party at the Mix club located in downtown Wichita Falls. I wasn’t able to attend the party because by the time I got there, the club was filled up but I heard it was a good party.

My experience this homecoming was a very eventful one and I’m glad I was a part of the experience. After a week of midterms and tests, it was definitely a way to unwind. It made me realize all the fun activities I had missed out on because I attended a junior college. I look forward to another homecoming next year.

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My first Homecoming Experience