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Students prepare for finals that begin Dec. 7

Samantha Forester

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Students prepare for finals week from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Finals begin Dec. 7 and students are beginning to fill the Moffett library and Clark Student Center in preparation.

Kasey Espinoza, senior in respiratory care, said she changes up her studying techniques as finals week approaches.

“For finals I try, considering there’s a lot of material we have to go over that we review during the entire semester I start trying to take more breaks, because I went to one of the workshops to prepare us for finals week and that was to take a break every 20 minutes for five minutes,” Espinoza said.

However, other students don’t make too many changes to their study habits before finals.

Sophomore business student Daniel Reina said he stays more relaxed and laid back as he prepares for finals.

“I mean I study a little harder, a little longer than what I usually do, but not exaggerating on it. I like to go in there and not really force upon myself, a lot of information because then I’ll more than likely will forget a lot of it,” Reina said.

Where you like to study can vary from person to person. But for Espinoza she needs a place with no distractions. She prefers the library, but she has her favorite spot.

“It’s quiet, there is not a lot of people who talk. I have to go to the second floor. I can’t go to the first or the third sometimes, the third is just too loud for me,” Espinoza said.

Pre-med student Hannah Lamar said she also enjoys studying at the library and has claimed an area as her own.

“I like to study right here every time I study, this is my spot.  I don’t really like to study anywhere else.

There usually no one here, and I can plug my phone in,” Lamar said.

Electrical outlets, snacks, and even music will help but Lamar gets in the mood to study for her finals.

“I usually, I try to get pretty crunk before I study, you know listen to some music. I always drink a Diet Coke,” Lamar said.

Drinking a specific beverage, or taking small breaks during hours of studying, preparing for finals is no walk in the park. But students have their own special way to help get them through finals week.

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  1. Derek Guerra on August 18th, 2014 3:37 am

    I havent seen Kasey in a while :\


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Students prepare for finals that begin Dec. 7